Events@PG Update!

Read on to learn about all the events coming your way soon!

Event Announcements:

- Important Holiday Party Updates

- Gemmer Lunch Out - this Friday, 1/15

- Yoga - Tuesday, 1/19 and Thursday, 1/28

- Chair Massages - Wednesday, 1/20

- Reminder - PG Office CLOSED Monday, 1/18 for MLK

As always, you can check the Pocket Gems Events Calendar on your Google Calendar to see these and more upcoming events!

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Please email Matt ( with any questions.

Get ready for a Sweet '16!

Pocket Gems Annual Holiday Party - Friday, 1/29

What: PG Sweet '16 Holiday Party!

Who: All Gemmers and their +1s

When: Friday, 1/29 @ 7PM

Where: To be announced! It's in downtown SF, about 15 mins walk from the office.

How do I get there?: Transportation will be provided from the Pocket Gems office!

The Holiday Party is Pocket Gems' biggest event of the year, so we hope you'll all join us in your finest cocktail attire!

Everyone should have received an invitation by now, via Paperless Post. If you have not received one yet, please let Matt, Rebecca, or Samm know ASAP!

Given that this is our largest event, RSVPs are limited to Gemmers and their +1s only.

The deadline for RSVPs is end of day Tuesday, 1/19. Don't put it off to the last minute!

Upcoming PGU Talks!

"Understanding Game FX" with VFX Artist Su - Wednesday, 1/20 @ 6PM

Have you every wondered what game FX and VFX entails? How does it compare to VFX in film? Then this is for you! Su will tell us everything about making real-time particle effects. Learn about Pocket Gems' very own particle editor, and how we can use it to make everything from fire to smoke to rain!

Other Upcoming Office Events

Gemmer Lunch Out - Friday, 1/15 @ 12PM

Want to meet some people that you don't get to work with on a daily basis? Been dying to try that sushi-burrito hybrid that you've passed by every morning on your walk to work?

Our monthly experience in eating lunch outside of the office, commonly called GLO, is happening Friday, 12/18. If you haven't attended GLO recently (or ever!), we highly encourage you to check it out! It's a great way to get to know Gemmers you haven't had the chance to meet yet, or to reconnect with someone you may have worked with previously.

(If you'd like to opt-out of GLO for this month, use the link below!)

Yoga with Sammie returns! - Tuesday, 1/19 and Thursday, 1/28 @ 7PM

Newcomers always welcome! We meet in the Back Office at 7pm on Yoga nights.

Chair Massages - Wednesday, 1/20

Sign up today for a 20-minute chair massage! Massages will be taking place in New Junk City, and you must pay for your appointment ahead of time (massages are subsidized by PG and cost only $10!)

If you've never made an appointment before, follow the link below to sign up! You'll need to register with your PG email address. Be sure to set a reminder on your calendar, too!

GLO Opt-out

Click here to opt out of GLO for this month

Sign Up for a Chair Massage!

Only $10 for a 20-minute massage!

REMINDER - Pocket Gems will be CLOSED on Monday, 1/18

Enjoy the holiday and don't come in to work--the office will be closed!