By: Raegan McIntyre 3rd Hour

"Giving you Medication is our Education"

Facts About Being a Pharmacist

  • Earn $82,520 per year
  • Training usually lasts six years after high school
  • Often wear gloves, masks, or other safety gear
  • Order, prepare, and dispense prescription drugs
  • Work with patients and medical staff
  • May work evenings, ninth, weekends, and holidays
  • Often work in drug stores, hospitals, and grocery stores
  • You need to get a degree in Pre-Pharmacy
  • Need to pass a state exam in order to succeed in the career
  • You will find good opportunities for this job in Wisconsin and nationally

Pros and Cons of a Pharmacist

Pros- good things about becoming a Pharmacist

1. Earn $82,520 per year, make a lot of money

2. Get to see different people, make more freinds

3. It isn't as stressful as most medical jobs, so you get to relax more

Cons- bad things about becoming a Pharmacist

1. Work long hours, less time with family

2. Do the same thing all day, you will get bored

3. Standing on your feet all, so your feet are going to hurt

What I Need to do in High School and College to Succeed in this Career

High School Take:

-Anatomy and Physiology


-Foreign Language

-Statistics and Probability


-Bachelors degree

-Masters degree

-Doctorate degree

-Major in Pre-Pharmacy

-Pass an exam and get your license

Colleges I can Attend to Earn a Degree in this Career

University of California, San Diego

9500 Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093


1. Warm weather compared to Green Bay

2. Volleyball because I enjoy the sport

3. Basketball because I have played it since I was 4 years old


1. It's 32 hours away from Green Bay, it's a long drive

2. The average GPA is 3.94, I have to work extra hard in school

3. Room and Board is $12,254, that's a lot of money

Ohio Northern University

525 S Main St, Ada, OH 45810


1. A lot of on campus jobs, so I can make money without going anywhere

2. Basketball, I really love the sport

3. Soccer, it's my favorite sport


1. It's 7 hours away, long drive to Green Bay

2. Tuition is $28,250, very expensive

3. Room and Board is $10,890, expensive compared to other colleges

Michigan Technological University

1400 Townsend Dr, Houghton MI, 49931


1. Basketball, because I love the sport

2. 24 hour emergency phone and alarms, in case I am in trouble it great to have

3. Health clinic near by, in case I am sick


1. It's 3 hours away, long drive to Green Bay

2. Tuition is $29,220, it is expensive

3. Books cost $1,200, that's a lot for just books

Pharmacist Advertisement

Are you looking for a job that works with medicine, works on weekends and holidays, earns a good salary, wears safety gear, and can work in different locations? If so you would be perfect for a pharmacist. If this sounds interesting to you call 1-800-pharmacist.


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