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A Nutshell Of Me


Hi, my name is Zachary cole martin; I'm a professional Scientist, Tech worker, Storm Research Probe Designer (The PWRD) and the CEO of leading weather researching Business Vortex8; I am currently partnered with the NOAA for further research, and focus on getting new facts which i will use when doing radar research. Every Tornado Season (April 9th) I Hurry to finish whichever project I have and start getting ready to leave for Oklahoma and other states surrounding In Tornado Alley. I was born with the Head condition and nearly Diagnosed with the horrifying disease dandywalker; which kills within 5 years and causes serious mental damage (mental retardation) which luckily never happened; I was just born with another saddening disease know as hydrocephalus, "water on the brain" where the water in the head swells up because of no exit; I luckily had a tubing installed to save my life; which was a save. I play a few instruments, Guitar, Drums, Flute, Trumbone, Piano, and the Cello; And I also sing and perform every once in a while while attending my father's music gigs. I was born on June 1st, 2000, at 3:30 in the AM hours, and I am currently 14 Years old.

My Favorite Things

BIO On My Favorite Things

My Favorite thing to do is work on computers, play guitar, drums, sing, other instruments; and I enjoy storm chasing and studying. Helping out is what I feel destined to do, so that is the reason why I do what I do. The reason I own the business is to encourage more people to work with me (and plus to show people around the web's my ideas and photographs and studies on my website) i Enjoy biking and working out also; I rarely play games anymore since i mostly code and work on programs which improve my research; for example, putting the coding X-3AOW into the Data file of the Radar System I have installed on my laptop; it makes it not as laggy when on the road with hotspot, it is much faster, same for others radar's but all have several different codes.

My Family

I have a Brother, Sister, And several relatives. A Dad, Mom, step-mom, step-dad