Chinese Culture

By:CallieAnn Petree


Government ruled nation officially atheist

5 Legal Religions







71.5% Mandarin

8.5% Wu

5% Yue

4.8% Xiang

4.1% Min

3.7% Hakka

2.4% Gan

*Many are also fluent in English


Types of food

  • Cantonese-Based on stir fry
  • Szechuan-Based on peanuts and spices


  • Tofu
  • Not a lot of meat (only pork and chicken)

Dating and Marriage

  • Not romantic, look for partner to meet ideal life
  • Only date to marry
  • Don't date till after educational goals are met
  • PDA and premarital sex is very looked down on
  • Women are expected to marry before 26
  • Meeting parents is equivalent to being engaged

Greetings and Titles


  • Business-casual handshake
  • Male to male only-double handshake
  • Leave shoes at the door of someones house

  • Ms. Mr. Dr. Professor
  • No- Miss Mrs.


In China they don't openly discuss death or use it as an adjective. For example one could not say my phone is dead, rather you would say my phone has lost it's charge

Becoming an Adult


Capping Ceremony

  • Choose father or other guest to comb hair
  • Chosen person combs hair into a bun
  • Chosen person also gives a speech


Hair Pin Ceremony

  • 15
  • Hair is gathered into a knot and held together with a pin


  • Hit someone with a broom-you receive bad luck
  • Mustache-bad luck
  • 8-lucky number


  • Winking and whistling=rude
  • Thumbs up or tugging on ear hole=good job
  • Raised pinky=you are nothing
  • Thumb placed between your middle and index finger=obscene
  • Make eye contact and slightly bow=how to get someones attention

Family Dynamic


  • In charge of all final decisions
  • Only ones able to receive inheritance
  • Responsible financially
  • Financially responsible for kids till married

  • Expected to stay home and take care of kids

  • Highly respected
  • Sought for wisdom
  • Taken care of

  • Expected to have unquestioning obedience and if not they can be killed
  • only one child per household
  • Girls would be killed due to their inability to receive inheritance