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June 10, 2016 ---- 4 Sivan 5776

Parshat Bamidbar ---- Candle Lighting 8:10 pm


Rabbi Dr. Gil Perl

When, at this time of year some 3500 years ago, the Jewish people camped at the foot of Har Sinai and readied themselves to receive the Torah, they are described as "camping across from the mountain" using the singular form - "ויחן" - rather than the plural form of "ויחנו." Rashi famously picks up on this grammatical anomaly and cites a midrash found in the Mechilta to explain it. The midrash writes that the singular form is used to denote that they camped "כאיש אחדבלב אחד," "as one people with one heart."

Far less famous, though, is the ending of that very same line in the Mechilta, quoted in that very same Rashi. It continues "...but the rest of their encampments were [marked by] complaints and conflicts." The question then, becomes why? Why did the anticipation of ma'amad har sinai have the power to unite the people in a way that they couldn't achieve before and what does that have to teach us today?

I want to suggest that the difference has to do with a sense of perspective. As the Jewish people stood on the cusp of entering into a covenant with God, as a bride entering her wedding canopy, they were focused on the things we share, on the values, commitments, and aspirations that make us an עם קדוש. At other times, however, their focus waned and their attention was drawn to the mundane. With their physical needs and personal comfort paramount in their minds, petty squabble mushroomed into inexorable conflicts, and minor differences were amplified into insurmountable obstacles.

The key, then, is to consistently take time to seek that higher plane, to see the forest for the trees, and to strengthen the roots that bind us together. That is what we aspire to do each and every day here at Kohelet Yeshiva High School and that is what we come together to celebrate on the holiday of Shavuot.

On behalf of the Board, our faculty and staff, and our administration I want to thank you all for being a source of unending support and strength for our students and our school over the course of what has been a truly special year. I look forward to strengthening those ties, deepening those commitments, and celebrating our successes together for many years to come.

Best wishes for a Chag Sameach and restful, relaxing, and uplifting summer.

Rabbi Perl


Dates to Note

  • Tuesday, June 14: Admitted Student event
  • Monday, August 29: Freshman Orientation
  • Wednesday, August 31: First Day of School 2016-2017
  • Monday, September 5: labor Day - School Closed

A Beautiful Evening at the KYHS 16th Annual Gala

This Wednesday evening, we warmly welcomed our students, faculty, and esteemed community members into our building for the 16th Annual KYHS Gala. It was an evening to be remembered as we honored Kohelet parents, Lisa Wise & Steven Weiner, and presented a Distinguished Educator Award to History Department Chair Mr. Barry Kirzner.

We were also thrilled to offer three exciting shiurim by Steven Weiner, Melissa Perl, and Rabbi Aryeh Wasserman, followed by Mincha and a beautiful dinner reception.

As always, the evening was filled with ruach and emotion, as we reflected upon another successful academic year at Kohelet. In case you missed it, please feel free to view videos honoring Lisa Wise & Steven Weiner and Barry Kirzner below:




Kohelet Receives Accreditation!

It is with great pride that we announce that Kohelet is officially accredited through the 2025-2026 school year!

This week, on our last day of classes, PAIS informed us of this incredible news which is truly a milestone for our young and growing school.

Again, many thanks to Mr. Barry Kirzner for stepping up to be our point person throughout the entire process, Gittel Hilibrand who has been the driving force, our Advancement team, our Office team, and our Administrative team who dedicated countless hours of hard work, our Accreditation Committee, and all students and faculty for representing Kohelet beautifully.

Honoring the Goldberg's & our Bnot Sherut

Please join Bnei Akiva of Greater Philadelphia at a community-wide dessert reception in honor of our wonderful teachers and shlichim, Elik and Hodaya Goldberg, as well as our incredible Bnot Sherut, Nadiva Rose and Shir Rozilio.

The event will take place this Shabbat, June 11 at Lower Merion Synagogue at 5:30pm.

Our shlichim will all be returning home to Israel this summer and we encourage everyone to come celebrate the incredible relationships they've formed and the indelible impact they have made on all of us over the last few years!