Dramatic Irony



It was a bright sunny day when a boy went fishing with his dad, when the boy got his favorite lure stuck. The boys name was Chris. The lure was stuck on a log five feet away, so he asked his dad if he could go out and get it. The dad said yes, he can go out and get it. But what he didn't know is that at the log there was a ten foot drop off, and a ten foot gator lived there, waiting for another child to eat. So when he started to head out he followed his line then stared to tug at his lure when the gator bit his leg and took him all the way to the bottom and disappears. And that we the last time anybody heard from chris. They never found the body.

Dramatic Irony: When the reader knows more than the character.

There was a ten foot gator in the water

There was a large snake on the other side of the log