Mission Statement

Ben Herman


I believe hat I can achieve my goals through self-discipline,wisdom, and perseverance. I believe my life will be spent and lived the way God has intended no matter the circumstance. I believe that the world is for me to see and learn from it, and I intend to explore it to however much I can.

My Goals

A short term goal in my life is to become the top and pinnacle of my class. Another goal of mine is to attend University of Chapel Hill. I intend on becoming a medical doctor to help those who cannot help themselves. I expect of myself to be disciplined in all I strive to do. I will strive to always meet the highest academic marker. I will push my limits, and become a officer in the United States Air Force.

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Final Statement

My life and vision for it will always be intended on being successful through simplicity and perseverance in all I do.

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