Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

"Stop should-ing on yourself."

REBT and Group Work

Goal in Group:
  • Members gain ability to recognize and dispute irrational beliefs
  • Begin to feel more in control of their emotions

Group Leaders:
  • Directive and active
  • Challenge, dispute, & replace negative self-talk
  • Teach members the theory
  • Point out members' shoulds, oughts, and musts
  • Use the here and now (process)

Rational is Functional. Irrational is Dysfunctional.

A - Activating event

B - Belief system

C - Emotional Consequences of A and B

D - Disputing irrational thoughts and beliefs.

E - Cognitive and Emotional effects of revised beliefs

Undesirable feelings and consequences come from one's belief about the activating event, not the event itself.

Group Objectives

Objective 1:

Recognize irrational beliefs and bring attention to them.

Objective 2:

Dispute irrational beliefs and create rational, functional beliefs.

Objective 3:

Members learn REBT and use it on themselves and other members.


  • Easy to teach
  • Members can use on themselves
  • Empowers members to take control


  • Members must be willing and motivated to explore beliefs
  • Requires large amount of group trust and cohesion
  • Very direct, can be seen as “harsh”