Alcoh think again

The risks of a fun time.


Alcohol can be very dangerous in many ways for example, There’s cirroces a liver disease mostly caused by drinking. There’s many other health risk to. Also you can start to abuse alcohol or even get addicted to it.

The risk

If too much alcohol enters the blood stream it will do your body harm and act like a poison. Drinking also impales judgment leading to bad decisions, and most often drunk driving which leads to over 25,000 Deaths each year . Drinking in general can cause extreme emotions, so at some times you’ll get really angry and hit a loved one or be extremely happy.
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Cirroces is a mager disease that is caused by drinking. It is the number one killer in the world except for cancer. Cirroces is a horrible disease of scaring of the liver, it has multiple side effects like, Vomiting up blood , Nausea, Weakness, Weight loss, And many other side effects.

Alcoholism and abuse

Once you become an alcoholic it is extremely hard to stop witch can have long term health effects and overall lead to death. If you abuse alcohol it becomes very easy to drink too much and die from alcohol poisoning. If you drink fluently over long terms of time you form a barrier to alcohol and not getting drunk , with getting drunk a stopping point for most you’ll often over drink and get blood poisoning.

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