War Hero to President Zero

The Story of Andrew Jackson: By Trey Smith

Trail of Tears

Despite congresses decision, Jackson still moves the Natives out west. On the long journey from Georgia to Oklahoma, there is a long drought followed by a harsh winter with lots of snow. By the time the natives have made it to Oklahoma, half are dead. After leaving everything behind and going through a long journey, the natives begin to rebuild their nation.

Spoils System

Jackson used the spoils system to help him win his second election. He rewarded everyone who helped him or allied with him a government job, despite their knowledge or experience. The people holding the positions before were upset, because they lost their jobs. Although, if you had helped out Jackson, you would certainly have been happy with you'r new job.
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Killing the National Bank

Jackson, like many people, believed the national bank was corrupt, unconstitutional, and only benefited wealthy people. When given the chance, Jackson vetoed the bill to renew the bank. This is when the national bank was taken down by Jackson. It also helped Jackson win the next election, because of all the people who wanted the bank "killed" as well.

Political Cartoon

In this cartoon, Andrew Jackson is portrayed as a king. The author made Jackson a king because he believes Jackson abused his power, as a king would. The artist probably also believed Jackson over-used his power to veto, based on the comments on the side. On the floor in the cartoon, Jackson is stepping on the constitution, which also shows that Jackson didn't care about the constitution.
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Letter to Editor (Negitive)

To Trey Smith

How about you add this to your article: Andrew Jackson is a monster! He kicked me and my whole family and tribe, just to get our land. We were forced to leave everything behind and learn the american culture. We would've resisted, but they would kill us, and we just want peace. Tons of people I knew died during the trip, and I don't blame anyone but Jackson. It's all his fault and people need to know this!

From a Cherokee

Letter to Editor (Postitive)

To Trey Smith

What you really need to add to this article is how great Jackson is! Getting rid of the national bank was the best thing that happened to this country in many years. Why shouldn't the bank help me, rather than it being corrupt and only helping the wealthy. It really means a lot to me, knowing the president cares about the average man and not just those rich men.

From Frontiersman