British Traditional Food

Meals and meal times

Three mains meals a day

  1. Breakfast: Between 7.00 and 9:00
  2. Lunch: Between 12.00 and 1.30 p.m.
  3. Dinner: Between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. It's the main meal.

Traditionally, the meals were called

  1. Breakfast: Between 7.00 and 9:00
  2. Dinner: Between 12.00 and 1.30 p.m. (The main meal)
  3. Tea: Anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


The traditional english breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, rfied bread, baked beans and mushrooms. Even though not many people will eat this for breakfast today, it is always served in hotels and guest houses around Britain. This traditional english breakfast is called "the full english".

But many people prefer a bowl of cereals, a slice of toast, orange juice and a cup of coffee.


Many children at school and adults at work will have a "packed lunch". This typically consists of a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a drink. The packed lunch is kept in a plastic container.

Sandwiches are also called "butty" or "sarnie" in some parts of the UK.


Is usually called 'tea', 'dinner' or 'supper'.

A typical British meal for dinner is "meat and two veg". It is hot brown gravy on meat and vegetables. One of the vegetables is almost always potatoes.


Yorkshire puddings

This dish is not usually eaten as a dessert like other puddings, but instead as part of the main course or at a starter.

It is made with flour, eggs and milk, is a sort of bater baked in the oven and usually moistened with gravy.


Sausages covered in batter and roasted. Similar to Yorkshire Pudding but with sausages placed in the batter before cooking.

Roast Meats

Typical meats for roasting are joints of beef, pork, lamb or a whole chicken (cooked in the oven for about two hours)

Fish and chips

Fish deep fried in flour batter with chips (fried potatoes) with malt vinegar. This is England's traditional take-away food. You can buy it in a "chippie".

Ploughman's Lunch

This dish is served in Pubs. It consists of a piece of cheese, a bit of pickle and pickled onion, and a chunk of bread.

Cottage Pie

Made with minced beef and vegetables topped with mashed potato.

Pie and Mash with parsley liquor

A very traditional East End London meal.

Cumberland sausage

This famous pork sausage is usually presented coiled up like a long rope


Spotted Dick

is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants), commonly served with either custard or butter and brown sugar.


Made with layers of sponge cake alternate with custard, jam or fruit and Whipped Cream. Sometimes alcohol-soaked sponge cake is used.

Apple crumble

Often served with thick cream, ice cream or custard

Jelly and Ice cream

A favourite party food for children

English crumpets

A tasty muffin that goes great with tea, and spread with butter and preserves.