Chapter 12; compare and contrast

My heritage vs chapter 12 By Elli Aune

My Heritage

My life now is different then the people who where just immigrating to the United States in the late 1800s. For example, I was born in the US and so where my parents and grandparents. Many of my family came here from Norway or Germany along time ago. Some of the things that I like to do are not anything like what they did back then. For example, I like to travel and go places because I like the feeling of being in the air and seeing new things. Also today we have electronics like televisions and phones.

Chapter 12

The life that the immigrants had was very different from my life now. Back then to get to america is to travel by boat but now we can travel by boat or by air plane. Many of the immigrants came from places like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Italy,and Poland. To get into america you had to pass a test. Some of the things that you had to do was a health test to make sure you were healthy enough. Another difference is that if I didn't have something right with me I wouldn't get rejected like some immigrants.


Some of the things that I did and the people immigrating did were similar to. Like to get here I had to come from somewhere. My family came from Norway and Germany. That is where some people came from to, they came here for better life as well. We also have things in common like jobs and houses. They had to find a job to get money to provide just like we do today. Another similarity is that we need the same things. Like food, water, and clothes.For them it was probably a little harder to find because they had to work to get the money for all of this stuff. Today a lot of people get things like food and water and not expect to put anything in for it. Especially kids because it is hard for people this young to get jobs and make money.


In conclusion I think that both me and the people immigrating have similarities and differences. I learned a lot of different things about my past and about the people and places in chapter 12 that I think are very interesting.