Benefield Elementary Beacon

April 27, 2015

Recognition of our Support Team

Thank you for going the extra mile and recognizing the work of our support team this week. I have seen each of them surprised and humbled by your generosity. You make Benefield a great place to work!

GMAS Testing

Thank you for your flexibility during out testing week. We have had a productive week of testing. Our students shine because of you! One more week!

You've got this!

Teacher Appreciation Week May 4th

We are excited to celebrate our teachers the week of May 4th!

Family Event sponsored by Berkmar High

Berkmar High School would like to offer all schools in the Berkmar Cluster an invitation for a fun-filled bouncy house evening on May 15, 2:30 PM -6PM . The Berkmar cluster parent involvement team planned this farewell event and would love to have our families/staff attend.

Inclement Weather Make Up Day: Assessment

The "assessment" is our way of gathering your commitment to which tool you will have students use to create a digital project. You will receive a "score", but the score is not correct. We had to put in an "answer", but we know the responses will be unique. Please disregard your "score" as your "passing" score will be the completion of the assessment.

Don't forget to conduct your gallery walk and respond to 2 entries. Then, complete your assessment by May 5th.

GA DOE Feedback on Science and Social Studies Standards

The State Board of Education is asking for your help in evaluating the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in both Science and Social Studies. Please take a few moments to participate in a survey for your grade level regarding the social studies and science standards. Thanks!

Social Studies Start Page

Science Start Page

Summer School Teacher Applications

Mr. Knight sent out teacher applications via email. Please make sure to return the application, if interested.

Report Card Timeline & DDA Scoring

Please make sure to meet all the report card timelines as posted in your EOY checklist. DDA scores may be added to the gradebook upon completion of the DDAs, which may be after the initial report card grades due date. The DDA counts as 1% of a student's grade. If the student's grade is impacted by the 1%, you may resubmit your grades.

End of the Year Awards

When submitting your end of the year awards, please make sure to spell the name of the students correctly. We use the information you provide to prepare all the awards. It is imperative to meet the deadlines as posted in your EOY checklist. We will not have the availability to reprint certificates prior to award ceremonies and prepare report cards.


End of the year RBES must be completed by the last day of school with students. Once you receive your DDA data, F&P reading level, SBA data, and EOY Exemplar data you can begin writing your summary. Please let your leadership team member know via email when you have completed this step. We will review and sign off. This must be completed prior to final check out.

End of Year Procedures

Please remember to make sure students are engaged in structured learning activities until the last day of school. When we have structured learning, students know the expectations thus reducing behavioral concerns in the classroom. Students are not to be packing classrooms or moving items. Teachers may work on organizing their rooms before/after school or during non-instructional times such as planning.

EOY Packets have been provided to all employees. Please make sure to keep this checklist handy for upcoming due dates and events. Field Day has been rescheduled (please mark off May 15th on the event list). Students will participate during their regularly scheduled specials time on May 7th & May 8th.

Re-image Laptops

If you are leaving Benefield OR plan to check your laptop in for the summer, then no action is required.

If you are returning to Benefield AND you plan on keeping your laptop for the summer, please use the sign-up below to reserve an appointment with Tracy to have your machine re-imaged. Thank you!

Signup Genius for Laptop Drop Off

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

See EOY Packet for all dates

Individual Data Sheets due date pushed back! Wednesday, May 20th by 12:00 PM

Happy Birthday!

Hye Eun 4/27

Sylvia Alsobrook 4/28

Victoria Maselli 4/30

Cindy Perkins 4/30

Karon Stocks 5/8

Abigail Scranton 5/9

Faith Dean 5/12

Mary Carter 5/15

Susan Arduino 5/20

Karen Freed 5/21

Marguerite Culberson 5/23

Vanessa Bronkema 5/25

Amy Kruger 5/25

Kimberly Park 6/5

Patricia Auten 6/10

Kerry Nahas 6/14

Laura Girard 6/21

Katie Macdonald 6/23

Tracye Jones 6/28

Suzanne Bross 7/9

Helen Milburn 7/9

Susan Parham 7/9

Susan Mitas 7/11

Amanda Fox 7/12

Michelle Valdes 7/12

Adaire Wooding 7/15

Marketa Myers 7/21

Mary Franklin 7/22

Kelly Williams 7/23

Deborah Buford 7/24

Virginia Kahn 7/24

Janel Robinson 7/24

Gaye Thomas 7/24

Cora Baker 7/27

Deb Pristupa 7/31