Traditions and holidays of Wales.

Traditions of "Land of songs".

Tradition to wear a leek on St. David's Day.

Welsh has a tradition to wear a leek on St. David's Day. Why a leek?

A legend says that in VI century St. David adviced soldiers to wear a leek on their hats to difference friends from enemies. Welsn won the war.

And nowadays Royal soldiers has this tradition.

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Strage Welsh Christmas.

Christmas in Wales is in one day with Halloween. A tradition asked people of town or village to choose Mariy Lvid - a person who walks the streets with a horse made of a long pole and a horse's skull, decorated with coloured ribbons, and begging, reading poetry.
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Welsh New Year.

In the south of Wales on New Year people hold a March of miners.

In Wales coming to visit for a meeting of the New year should bring a piece of coal and throw it in a specially-fuelled New Year's Eve the fireplace. Only after completing this custom, the hosts will welcome the guests who came to him friendly.

When the clock strikes 12, the owner of the house gets up and silently opens the door. He keeps it open as long until the clock strikes the final blow. So he lets the old year and new admits.

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Welsh traditional music.

Penile - the Welsh traditional connecting instrumental music and poetry.The first person is plaing a famous music.The second person is improvising. At the same time they writing poetry to the music.

Penile was to the XX century. Now it is forgetting but we can hear it.

In Cardiff are living people who plaing traditional Welsh folk. They have a music group "

Carreg Lafar".

"Carreg Lafar "Cwpwrdd Nansi Caerdydd"("Шкаф Нанси Кардифф")

Carreg Lafar Cwpwrdd Nansi Caerdydd