LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministries at First Baptist Covington

Hey, everybody!

We are pretty much on the home stretch to summer! Even if you have to go into "survival mode" over the next couple of weeks, just remember what a great summer we have in store! Check out all those important summer dates below!

Tomorrow is the LAST PRAYER BREAKFAST OF THE YEAR!!! Come enjoy one last delicious breakfast! Also, it's Ms. Pat's last time cooking for us, so come show her and our other wonderful and dedicated cooks some love!

LIFT should get pretty interesting this week as we are beginning a new series that addresses some of the tough cultural issues of sexuality and gender from a biblical perspective. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED: CONTENT MAY BE MATURE, but I promise we will handle these tough topics appropriately.

Finally, Graduate Sunday is coming up May 22nd. RSVPs, pictures, and Scholarship Applications are due in the church office by TOMORROW!!!

We will have a Summer Camp Pre-Trip Meeting next Wednesday May 18th in the Annex at 7:30pm after LIFT. You'll get all the details and waivers then.

Finally, this Sunday Night for LifeLine, we'll enjoy a little game night from 6-7pm in the Annex to unwind and relax a bit!


May 18 - Summer Camp Pre-Trip Meeting at 7:30pm in the Annex

May 22 - Graduate Sunday

June 5-10 - Summer Camp @ Crossings Camp in Kentucky! $350

June 15 - High School Lake Day

June 22 - Middle School Lake Day

June 27-29 - Backyard Kids Clubs

August 5-7 - LIFToff!!!

High Five 5

Follow-Up Questions for Parents

· What does it mean to live in “active anticipation” of Jesus’ return?

· Why is it important to examine what each of the commands that Paul gives teaches us about God?

· Which of the examples that Paul gives that we went through does our church struggle with the most?

· Which one stood out to you the most as an area that you need to improve?