Who I Am

By: Bailey Poynter

Who am I

My Interests

  • early childhood and development and services- high skill level is high
  • professional support services- high skill level is high
  • family and community services- high skill level is high
My Skills

  • professional support services
  • journalism and broadcasting
  • information support services
My Work results

  • accomplishment- medium
  • innovation- low
  • workplace- low

I'm a visual learner

All these thing should be considered because they tell you what your good at and what you might want to do when looking for a job of specific talent

Where Am I Going

My career as a
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Executive Secretary

Job Description

  • I help by printing out documents, set up meetings, answer calls, help employer with what ever he/she needs, and accompany them in there meeting also by taking notes.
Median Salary ( annually )

  • I would make annually around 51,270 dollars
Job Outlook

  • Is low

  • Business/ official automatics/ technology/ data entry
Work Schedule

  • may have to work late into the night
Work Environment

  • usually in an office building very rarely going any were. no physical work usually no heavy lifting not hazard-est either.
Something Interesting About My Career

  • Would be that I would get the chance of helping organize someone else's life and not just mine, i would fell as if i was needed and being useful.