The Riebli Record

February 1, 2021

A note from Mrs. Todd

Is it just me or are these days long?! The last couple of weeks have been surprisingly full of packed schedules, extra responsibilities, forgotten duties, and the constant emotional demands that I just can't seem to shake during this pandemic. Some days I think to myself, "It's already Thursday?!" and other days I think, "It's only 10am?!" My sense of time seems to have changed. The days are full. Sometimes they are monotonous and never-ending and other times they are exhilarating and filled with unexpected changes.

Whether you're working from home, outside the home, taking care of kids all day, attempting to be a supportive partner, or trying to do it ALL, it's exhausting.

In the evenings, our family usually only has a few hours together for dinner, baths, bedtime routine, books, and anything else we attempt to squeeze in. During this time, it's easy to get exasperated, impatient, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Tonight, when I finally felt like we had accomplished #allthethings, and with surprisingly little drama. Then, Jasper said, "Mama, my plane broke." And just like that, my tired, weary self, filled with all the reflections of a hard day at work, not enough sleep, and a huge evening "to do" list, suddenly felt like a kid again. I watched my little guy's eager eyes as I glued it back together. It took forever to get this plane back 30 minutes. I had been on such a roll and felt so detrailed by this PLANE!!! But, my 3 year old sat patiently waiting,

My point in all this is, as parents, as grown ups, role models to our children, teachers and mentors, it's important we put aside all our adult things, and make the time for our precious littles, even when we might not want to, feel like it, or think we can muster up the energy or courage. We need to be the light. We need to show them we're holding on to hope. As one of my lifetime heroes Brad Montague says, "Be who you needed when you were younger."

As we finish out the rest of this month and look to the spring filled with hope for the re-opening of schools, vaccinations, warmer weather, health and safety for all, may we each remember to stop and be the light. To hold on to hope and to envelope our children in love, affection, empathy, and compassion. Although children are resilient, this isn't easy on them, and they need us.

With love,


Friday Assembly

Parent Question

Thanks for the questions this week.

The question was: The parent survey about returning to school was so long ago, things continue to change, if when the time comes and our feelings have changed from what we said in November. Will we be allowed to switch options?

The answer: YES!!! Once we move to the red tier, we will ask parents to let us know if they have changed their minds.

Have a question for me, here is the google form to fill out!

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PTA news!!!

Do you have a favorite family recipe ? We want to include them in our first ever RIEBLI COOKBOOK! Look for an email very soon from our Riebli PTA explaining how to turn in your recipes and what this Fundraiser is all about
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Absent Author ch 6,7,8
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Music News

Want to support music and arts education in the Mark West Union School District? Consider joining the Mark West Education Foundation! We are currently seeking volunteers for the positions of president, secretary, and treasurer. Without these positions filled, we cannot continue operating as a Board. Please contact Shannon Duffy at if you are interested or have any questions