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The red liquid is red water the cherieos are red blood cells the white marshmallows are white blood cells the blueberries are black bad cells.


This is a disease that affects your blood cells. You get when your blood cells become damaged, this will make your blood cells grow very chaotically. When you have this disease your stem cells become white blood cells and red blood cells and platlets. To get rid of it you need to have special therapy called kimo therapy.

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1. Blood

2. I am red and and made of white blood cells and red blood cells.

3. I am transported all over the body by veins

4. Fact 1: Someone needs blood every two seconds. Fact 2: someone needs blood every 5 seconds. Fact 3: white blood cells are the body's natural defense against infection. Fact 4: 10 pints of blood is the amount of blood in a average adult. Fact 5: a new born baby has 1 cup of blood in their body

5. Circulatory system

6. What five interesting things about the circulatory system - your heart beats 70 times a minute. - it only takes 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body. - your heart beats faster when your scared or excited. - in your lifetime your heart can pump enough blood to fill 100 king sized swimming pools. - red blood cells make approximately 250,000 trips around the body before returning to the bone marrow. Resource:

7.I bring carbon dioxide to the lungs and from there the lungs gat rid of the carbon dioxide. Citation:

8.My neighbors are, Mr.heart, the blood vessel sisters, Mrs.tissues, the cell brothers. Citation:

9.I am important because I am the mailman in The Human Body neighborhood, I carry nutrients from food and I bring stuff that is not wanted in the human body to it's appropriate destination so that the organ I bring it to can get rid of it. Citation:

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