PLP Weekly Update


How will I know my PLP Status for next semester??

After we receive your grades for the Fall 2014 term, we will do a comprehensive review based on your program involvement and your GPA. Once we determine your standing in the Program, we will send you an email from with your Status Letter. This letter will explain any changes in your status or scholarship disbursement for the upcoming semester. Please note that if you will not be receiving your scholarship next semester for academic reasons, the Office of Financial Aid will update you with a letter as well. If you have any concerns about your status or scholarship, please don't hesitate to reach out to the PLP email account or directly to Bridget Resetco ( at any time. We know that any changes made to your scholarship are sensitive and important, and we hope to provide as much information and support throughout the status review process as possible.

The PLP Fellows wish you a wonderful holiday season!

And now... a poem about finals

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Don't forget to vote!

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PLP Crush Hall of Fame-Holiday Edition

You are all so close to finishing up the semester! We are all so proud of all your hard work, specifically all the votes you have made for the Crush Hall of Fame so far this year. The wall is absolutely mesmerizing, so make sure you stop up by the Fellow’s office and check it out before you all leave. Today, we are obviously choosing three great Holiday themed characters for our much-anticipated Holiday Crush edition. There are so many characters to choose from this time of year, but we believe we have picked three real winners. We hope you all have a relaxing, safe, and fun-filled break!

Remember, if you have any suggestions for male or female crushes/different themes for each month feel free to email Zach at with your ideas!

Just follow the link below to pick the winner for this week!

Here are this week’s contestants!