Northern Pike

By Katelyn L. Kainin B. Madison S.

What is happening with the Northern Pike?

The Northern Pike was introduced to Colorado in 1950. Ever since, it has been killing the trout population. Now, it's overpopulating the ecosystem.
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What is the problem with the Northern Pike?

The Northern Pike is overpopulating and decreasing the trout population by eating them.
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Why is this happening?

First of all, the Northern Pike came to Colorado because it floods in the place it originated in, causing it to migrate to Colorado. Since the Northern Pikes are dominate and predators, they eat anything that can't eat them before hand, causing the populations to decrease. Also, cause of all of the eating, they are mass producing. Causing the Northern Pike population to increase. So, the trout population and plant life populations are both decreasing along with the other populations, all but the Northern Pikes.

What are the effects on the ecosystem?

The effects on the ecosystem, caused by the Northern Pike, are negative. As we expressed before, the Northern Pikes are decreasing every population but theirs. And even the plant life. Plants produce oxygen, thanks to photosynthesis, so if plant life is decreasing in the lakes, same as some of the oxygen levels.

How do the Northern Pikes affect climate change?

The Northern Pike species are invasive, and they are destroying their environment. The more they spread out the more destruction! (Because they eat everything.) After a while, they will be the only organism in the lakes. The climate changes because of all of the drastic changes.
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What is their specific location in Colorado?

They are all over the place!
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Why is this happening all over the place? How did they get there?

There were floods that occurred were they originated which got rid of all of their food, to they were forced to migrate here, in Colorado. Sometimes they had no choice but to migrate here because of the flooding.

What is currently being done to address this issue?

Not a ton is being done to stop this. People are just told to catch as many as they can, and not to throw them back. As for where they originated, the people there are asked to prevent flooding in different ways. This will be stopped with a lot of patience and time. It definitely will not happen quickly though.

What is the link between climate change and the Northern Pike?

The fish in the lakes help climate, and the Northern Pike is eating those fish, it's also eating the plants. That's putting the climate into shock. The climate changing is also killing the rest of the fish.

What is the link between photosynthesis and cellular respiration to the Northern Pike?

Believe it or not, there are still plants that aren't being eaten, which is making them grow at an alarming rate. Since they are reproducing so quickly, they have more time to continue the process of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Photosynthesis is increasing and the same thing is happening with the cellular respiration.

What effect does climate change have on the carbon cycle?

Climate change has caused deforestation and it has released fossil carbon into the air. The carbon cycle on the Earth has been pushed out of balance. Man made carbon has been thought to be an enormous move in the carbon cycle.

How has climate change, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration affected by or involved with the Northern Pike?

Climate change is involved with the northern pike because it is changing the climate by killing too many of the fish that help to control the climate so those fish are gone and it is killing our climate.

The Northern Pike eat the fish that eat the plants, making the plants grow at an alarming rate. Underwater plant population is increases. It’s also increasing the cellular respiration, the link is that the plants have more time to get the suns energy and the process of photosynthesis is increasing, same as cellular respiration.