Candy Crush Level Types

All five levels of Candy Crush Saga

Level Types

In Candy Crush Saga, there are 5 separate sorts of level:

  • Moves: Get a certain amount of points in a certain amount of moves.
  • Jelly: Clear all the jelly on the board.
  • Ingredients: Bring all the ingredients down to the bottom of the board.
  • Timed: Get a certain amount of points within the time limit.
  • Candy Order: Crush the amount of candies given on the dashboard in a certain amount of moves.

Jam levels are the most regular, making up 43% of the levels, although target score levels are the rarest, notwithstanding the initial 5 levels all being target score levels.

Sugar Crush

The different level types bring different "Sugar Crush" effects at the end.

  • Moves: there is no genuine "Sugar Crush" impact, just inactivated special candies being activated.
  • Jelly: for each move remaining, three candy fish go ahead the screen and begin destroy the candies at random, providing for you more points.
  • Ingredients: for each move remaining, a candy at irregular will turn into a striped candy, giving an additional 3000 points for each striped candy. At that point they all activate.
  • Candy Order: sugar crush of these levels is same as Ingredients levels' sugar crush.
  • Timed: any +5 candies left on the screen turn into the blasting wrapped candy and activate itself.

Some Facts about Levels

  • Many individuals think about jelly levels the hardest level type.
  • The 100th Jelly level was Level 235. The 100th ingredient drop level is Level 413. The 100th order level is Level 441.
  • Level 350 is the most hated level ever.
  • Timed levels are the main levels in which you aren't influenced by the number of moves you have left. Then again, you need to settle on speedy choices.
  • Levels 100 and 300 are both jelly. Level 200 and 500 are ingredients and level 400 is candy order.
  • The most hated level type is jelly level. Jelly levels are hated due to their hardness. They are likewise extremely regular.
  • The episode with the least Jelly levels is Wafer Wharf (episode 10) with just 2. The most is Easter Bunny Hills (episode 6) with 9.
  • The episode with most Candy Order levels is Wafer Wharf with 10.
  • Level 295 and Level 327 have literally the same format with the main distinction being the amount of jellies.
  • Level 65 became so famous once that several other levels based on Level 65 are created, including Level 320.
  • Levels 350 and 530 are world finales.
  • All the level numbers ending in 65 are hard or very hard. Level 65 used to be the most hated level ever, Level 165 is a very hard candy order level, Level 265 is quite a hard jelly level, Level 365 is a medium-hard candy order level, and 465 is a hard ingredients level.

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