Energy Resources

Sources of Nonrenewable and Renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

A type of renewable energy is wind energy. A place where you might find the wind energy resource is in wind turbines this is also how wind energy is formed. Wind turbines are propellers that are connected to electric generators that are powered by the wind. Sense wind turbines power electric energy whenever you use electricity you are using wind energy. Cool fact is that you can only use wind turbines in regions with a wind speed of 5 m/s.

Wind Turbines

As shown in the picture below it usually takes hundreds of wind turbines to provide enough electricity for the area around it.
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Sugar Engines

Sugar as shown in the picture below now has a future of being car fuel! Scientist are figuring out how to burn sugar to make hydrogen which can be used for car fuel!
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Nonrenewable Energy

A type of nonrenewable resource is coal. Coal is usually found on land and not in the ground like normal fossil fuels. Coal is formed from plants that died millions of years ago and that were buried under thick layers of sediment and rock. Electric power plants burn about 90 percent of the coal used in the USA. A cool fact might be known that coal produces more pollutants than burning other fossil fuels.

Coal Usage

Coal is constantly being burned to heat buildings as shown in the photo below. Coal is also used to produce steel and concrete.
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Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

This video is about Renewable and Nonrenewable resources. It states going back in history about the transition of more nonrenewable resources to less.
Renewable and NonRenewable Resources

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