Craig Seganti

Changing the detention at a time!

The Man Himself

  • Been teaching for over 25 years
  • Spent most of his career teaching middle and high school
  • Worked mainly in the inner-city of Los Angeles
  • Taught over 11,000 students in 80 different secondary schools
  • Notable for his methods and book, "Classroom Discipline 101"


Teachers are professionals who deserve to teach in an attentive, appreciative environment where an education is the reward. The aim is to not waste time in politically correct jargon but to employ those techniques and strategies which work-in the REAL WORLD.

Classroom Discipline 101

How to Get Control of Any Classroom

  • Teacher Attitude
  • Tactics for Teachers
  • Student Accountability
  • Rules
  • Leverage

¡ Set Rules, Not Options !

Seganti's 4 Goals

  1. Teacher Attitude
  2. Student Accountability
  3. Leverage for Compliance
  4. Management Tactics

3D Student Removal Behaviors

Key Practices to Follow

  • Rely on Actions - Make your points through actions, which speak louder than words
  • Don't Give Warnings - Self-defeating and wastes times
  • Don't Give Excessive Rewards - Don't spend time handing our rewards for learning
  • Provide for Enjoyment - Must do what you can to make the classroom enjoyable
  • Speak Effectively - Learn to speak effectively to your students.
"Time management should be spent on instruction, not on management of behavior issues."

-Craig Seganti