North Atlantic Right Whale

Endangered Species

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North Atlantic Right Whale Facts

  • Scientific Name- Eubalaena glacialis
  • Estimated Population- 350 to 400
  • Habitat- Northern Atlantic Ocean
  • Length- 45 to 55 feet
  • Weight- Up to 70 tons
  • Life Span- Accurately 50-70 years, but with pollution and people that bring harm to these whales, about 15 years.
  • Favorite Food- Zoo-plankton and Krill
  • Behavior- They are slow swimmers and they usually travel alone.

North Atlantic Right Whale Habitat

Average Temperature- Vary from about 2.5 C to 5.0 C

Water Source- Ocean Water

Two Other Animals- Dolphin and Shark

Plants- Phytoplankton, Kelp, Sea grass, and Thong Weed

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Physical Adaptations

-No Dorsal Fin

Instead of a dorsal fin, right whales have broad, paddle-like flippers that don't make as much noise when catching prey and don't drain as much energy out of the whales.

-Baleen Plate

The Right Whale uses its baleen plate to strain its prey.

Behavioral Adaptations

-Usually Travels Solo

They travel solo because they spread around the ocean in different areas to find prey.


It helps them get food. They swim through a swarm of prey with its mouth open and its head partially above water. When the whale gets prey in its mouth it forces the water out of its mouth, dives, and swallows the prey.

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North Atlantic Right Whales- Endangered Species- By Ally Nalibotsky