December 16-20

Team Awesome


Dec. 16-20

Regular Math: We have completed 4 units and will take our semester exam on Tuesday of this week. Students have been given a semester review and you may also download it from this website.


Advanced Math - We will take our semester exam on Monday of this week. We have reviewed for this exam and I am confident students will do well.

NO POW this week.

Social Studies

Exam is this Wednesday. If your child needs to retake any test this is the re-test. They have a study guide. Encourage your child to study.

Create a Country Part One is due on Friday.


The semester exam will be on Tuesday December 17th. This is an opportunity for all students to retest in order to improve their test scores for the units that we have covered this semester. Study the study guide that was given out last Tuesday.

SCIENCE EXPOSITION: Team Awesome has done a fantastic job on their science projects!!!

Supplies Needed

Team Awesome is in need of supplies. If you can help we would appreciate it.

We need:

Copy Paper


Paper Towels

Expo Markers


Coloring Pencils