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Charity water

Charity Water

A generous supporter, Keurig Green Mountain, has made a donation to bring clean water to the coffee-growing country of Ethiopia. Now, it can be unlocked by fundraising campaigns. Here’s how it works: every dollar raised for Ethiopia unlocks a donation from Keurig for the same amount, up to $740,000.

Scott's inspirational story

A lot of people are having the freedom and luxury of a clean water supply thanks to charity: water. Charity water is a trustworthy water supplying business that doesn't make a single dollar's profit. The finder is named Scott Harrison, he used to be a hot-shot drinker who parties all day, hanging out with celebrities until he looked back at himself and said "I haven't done a single good thing in my life time, I mean, I'm the worst person I know!" so he walked away from his bad past and started working at a hospital, he was the person who directs the patients to their surgery rooms. After witnessing a ton of poor people's condition, he couldn't take it and soon after, decided to try and give the poor clean water to drink. Now, Charity: water came to be what it is.

Charity water

Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Founded in 2006, it has helped fund 6,611 projects in 20 countries, benefiting over 2,545,000 people.
Water Changes Everything.
The road, that changed everything

Inspirational video made by Charity: water. This shows that good will come if you all work hard together.

Youtubers do it too!

Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, has donated exactly $446,462 to Charity: water, earning him the title of 2'nd biggest donor to Charity: water.

BTW, Pewdiepie has OVER 32 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS and is top Youtuber with most subscribers.

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