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General Knowledge

Children of Peru

Child Trafficking

Between 2004 and April 2011, there has been 407 cases of child trafficking. 536 were girls and 58 were boys.

Child Labour

The ILO (international labor organization) and the INEI (national Institute of Statistics and Informatics) states that in Peru there are 3.3 million child workers and counting. In addition, both the organizations also have reported that 2.3 million children have dangerous jobs.

Corporal Punishment

In January, February and March of 2011, the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs filed more than 900 cases of violence and abuse towards children.

Women of Peru


Almost half of the Peruvian population is women but still they are treated with disrespect.

Nation wide problems...

  • Spousal abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Mental Abuse

What is spousal abuse?

Spousal abuse is...

Men of Peru

Most men of Peru...



S.K.I.P is an non profit organization that helps kids in Peru...

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project was founded in 1997.

Crises in Peru

The Japanese embassy hostage crisis

The Japanese embassy hostage Crisis started on the 17 of December, 1996.
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In Peru, there aren't many crises... The Japanese embassy hostage crisis was the only big one.

Peru VS. Canada

The Children

The women

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