Victorian House

About it

The victorian house was popular in small cities and towns.

Life in Victorian Ages: Child labor was legal and only poor families had their children working.

Fashion: Women wore big poofy dresses with corsets to bring in their waist. Teenagers and young women would try to match the number of inches around their waist to the age they are, so if she was 17, she would try to get an 17 inch waist. If you were poor, you didn't wear poofy dresses, it was more of aprons and dark colored clothing.

Cost of living: It's hard to say how much things costed because they used a different currency than now. they used pence and shillings.

Building materials: Portland sandstone was used commonly in public buildings , it was a very light colored stone. A lot of people used stone and brick to build houses but then colored them bright colors or put wood on top. In this era there was a lot more of building technology because it was during the industrial revolution which involved metals.

Fun Facts

Women were put on a higher pedestal than before

One in four patients will die after surgery, was very lucky if someone had a clean doctor.

This era is when freak shows had become popular.

Families would take pictures with dead loved ones to remember them.

The victorian era got its name from the queen who was in rule at the moment, Queen victoria.

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