Articles Of Confederation

Anthony Carcamo

What Were The Articles Of Confederation

The Articles Were America's First Government.They Were Designed To Be Weak Because America Did Not Want Anymore Problems Like They Had With King George

Strengths Of The Articles Of Confederation

The United States Pass The Northwest Ordinence It's Let People Claim Territory And Allows The Territory To Become A State.Governed The Nation During The Revolutionary War

Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

Lacked Power To Enforce Laws

Lacked Power To Levy Taxes

Lacked Power To Regulate Trade Among The States

Required All 13 States To Approve Changes In The Article

Northwest Ordinence

A System To Turn NW Territory Into States

We've Used This System To add States To Our Country

Organized Way To Make States,60,000 To Make A State

Shay's Rebellion

Farmers Were Thrown In Jail Because They Cannot Pay Their Debts

Daniel Shay's Leads A Rebellion Against The Gov.No Court=No Law,No Jail

They Got Rid Of The Articles/Farmers Were Thrown In Jail