Poultry Information

Pen Assignments/Barn Tour & Informational Meeting



We will meet at the poultry barn and assign pens.

Chickens will arrive on NOVEMBER 17th


Please join the poultry remind text group! Text @chickens16 to 81010

Friends & Family of the Plano FFA Membership

**Highly Recommended**

Students will show their pen of 3 chickens at the Collin County Junior Livestock Show in January. If the students are to place in the top third they will make "sale". If the student makes sale they will need a buyer to purchase their animal. Friends and Family will be their buyer. Friends and Family has a meeting on 10/29. Contact Rhonda Kaschmitter rjkasch@sbcglobal.net about joining. You must join before November 1st.


Below you will find pictures of the supplies you will need for your poultry project. There are several vendors that you can purchase the items from. I would suggest to call to see if they have items in stock before you go.

Wells Brothers-Plano

Princeton Ag Supply

D&L Ag Mart-McKinney

Chicken Waterers

There are several types of waters. It doesn't matter too much which one you get. I have found the birds are less likely to tip over the large ones. You will need 3-4.

Disposable Pie Pan

You will feed out of these pans. They are much cheaper and work better than the feed pans you can buy at the feed store. You can buy these at Walmart.

Purina Turkey Starter

2-50lb Sacks

Wells Brothers sells this feed. (It may have a different name)

Purina Broiler Grower

You will feed this after we are done with 1 bag of Turkey starter. You will use 3-4 sacks of this. I would recommend only purchasing 1 or 2 bags to start with so it will be fresh when you are ready to feed. (It may have a different name)

Bag of Sugar

We will add this to the water to make them want to drink more. Can buy at Walmart.

Package of Deuromycin

Outdoor Thermometer

You will secure this to the bottom of your pen so teachers can be sure the pens are at the correct temperature. You can buy this at Lowes or Walmart.

Pine Shavings (Large Flake)

Purchase 6 bags to start. You most likely will go through 2+ bags a week. Suncoast brand!

1 Bucket of High Octane Power Fuel


1 Bucket of High Octane Champion Drive



Rooster Booster

1 bottle


$4.20- 2 packages


Can only order online



Bacon Grease

Start saving now. We will mix it in with the feed when they get older.