Palais Garnier

What is the Paris Opera?

soon find out, you shall....
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Palais Garnier

the Palais Garnier was initially built /constructed in the late 1800's.It was architected by Charles Garnier.It is an Opera house-but one of the biggest opera houses in the world.


  • seats 1,979 people at a time
  • the huge chandelier weighs a massive SEVEN TONS!!!
  • the grand staircase is made up of white marble from italy, green marble from Sweden, red marble, and French Jasper and onyx
  • Has four levels
  • the thomas jefferson building was inspired by the Palais Garnier

The Grand Stair case

Very beautiful-having many different shades and colors to look like a RAINBOW!
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The ChandelIer

Made up of Bronze and crystal.In the late 1980's the chandelier fell, broke through the ceiling, killing an audience member.This event is what led to the legend of the Phantom of the Opera.It is one of the events that led to this monument's claim to fame.