The Centrist Party

Common Sense for America

Time to spread the word and make a difference

Centrism is about taking a stand on strong principles. It is not about compromising and moderation, it is about consideration. Centrism is about fitting the country's needs into common sense solutions. "It is Fiscal and social responsibility balanced with personal responsibility and capacity tied to performance and progress." America is 70% Centrist and we are letting the 15% from the left and right control our government!

Centrism Facts

  • Centrism is not about doing what is popular but about doing what is right for our country.
  • Centrism is not average in its views, but rather "supports strength, tradition, open mindedness and policy based on evidence and not ideology."
  • Centrism is not about compromise but rather being considerate of the other options and making a decision while thinking about both the short and long term needs.