2015 Year in Review

Created by Cynthia G.

3 Best Marketing Companies

  • Victoria Secret becuase they always have ways to show off their products on tv, magazines, internet, etc.
  • Nikes becuase their advertisements gets peoples attention.
  • Adidas becuase of their new designs on shoes.

2 Best products

  • iPhone 6, 6 plus, & 6s because I love iphones and they are improving every year.
  • apple watch because it's not only a watch you can also play games & voice record

2 Worst Products

  • Hoverboard becuase it's gotten into the point that people take it wherever they go.
  • Microsoft Hololens because people should find other realistic ways to get away from people or not think about their problems.

2 Top Fashion Trends

  1. Botton-Front Skirt because it's cute and it goes back to the 90s.
  2. Lace-Up Fronts because I like thee design and you can wear many ways.

Top 2 Musical Artists

  1. Arcangel- A Puerto Rican artist that has gone a long way in his music. He always comes up with good music about life,love, and lessons that relates to several of people.
  2. Nengo Flow- A Puerto Rican artist that just recently has gotten popular with his music and the way he is. He comes from a poor place and now he is famous for his strong words about how to appreciate life and love/respect people who have been there for you.

2016 Goals

My goal this year is to be smarter with my chooses. Pick good people that will help me and love me in my life and that won't leave me for anything. Love my family and be there for them. Do good in school and pass junior year going to senior year with a positive attitude.