Budgeting project

By: sierra ozuna


I am going to Baylor university to get my bachelors degree. To go for 4 year it will cost me 197,577.36 not including the things I will need


For my job I am going world a Baylor hospital in fort worth as an registered nurse (RN). As a RN I have to Talk people and give the medicine. A nurse gets 69,109 dollars a year.


For me transportation I am going to have a 2015 ford fusion. The monthly pay for my car is 263.88 dollars and my insurance is 7,180 dollars


I am going to live in fort worth Texas and My house is a 3 bed room 2 baths. It will cost 249,999 and the monthly cost is 1,238 not including the electricity, water, and internet.

Living Expenses

For my living expenses I will spend a total of 294.67 dollars because that includes entertainment, food, and clothes.

Family Expenses

on family expenses there would be Medical/health things to pay for. For me and my family I would pay a total of 125.62 dollars.