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Pimpin' Joy

Yeah, that's not a typo! Pimpin' Joy is one of my guilty pleasure songs that I listen to almost every morning while I'm at the gym. I usually listen to it in between Mr. Rees 1980's Jock Jams that I affectionately refer to as Sounds By Scott :) I'll admit he does have some pretty good taste in music. Eye of the Tiger is a Classic!

So, in short, have a great weekend rock out and dance to the Pimpin' Joy video below. Just always remember no matter how tough things are, no matter how much effort it takes, always find ways to bring love and joy to the people and kids around us.

You'll find me around the campfire this weekend getting a recharge to ensure I can help spread joy to our kids, staff, and community.

Who's in......"I am" said the mynah bird. #bigplans

Enjoy your weekend!

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Next Week's Meetings

  • Tuesday, September 4th @ 7:45 Gradecard meeting/PD

NWEA Testing Windows

Fall Term is 8/1 - 11/30 with a testing window of 8/1 - 9/29

Winter term is 12/1 - 2/28 with a testing window of 12/1 - 1/26

Spring term is 3/1 - 6/15 with a testing window of 3/19 - 5/18 (I do not have the testing window open until after ISTEP/IREAD.

Upcoming Events

  • September 4 Labor Day
  • September 5 School Board
  • September 6 Library Club
  • September 6 Maker Space Special Starts (Where to Be Determined)
  • September 8 Valic Meetings Optional For Old Staff Mandatory for New Staff
  • September 11 Section 125 for All Staff
  • September 13 Rise-n-Roll Orders Due
  • September 14 Picture Day
  • September 15 Ott Grant Deadline
  • September 15 Indianapolis Opera
  • September 18-22 Book Faire
  • September 20 Parent Teacher Conf/E-Learning Day
  • October 4 Donut Pickup At Albion Elem
  • October 4 National Taco Day Fun! Dragons Love Tacos Day
  • October 4 Albion Elementary Family Day at Roberton's Farm 4PM-8PM