Corporate Social Responsibility


Wendy's tries to minimize there impact by purchasing products and services that aim toward environmental efficiency. There philosophy extends not only in their stores but all the way to their corporate office. They have even began building some of their stores to having a LEED certification. Some things that are different in these LEED stores include:

  • Special building materials made from recycled materials for wall coverings and floor tiles.
  • Exterior lights are LED to save energy costs
  • Recycling bins are placed in the restaurant for plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard.
More information on how Wendy's tries to fulfill their corporate responsibility of taking care of the environment can be found here.


Wendy's instills the values of quality, integrity respect, pride, and responsibility. Wendy's is an equal opportunity employer.


Wendy's Wonderful Kids program is making a difference- one child at a time. The program awards grants to public and private adoption agencies to hire adoption professionals. This program has helped over 3,400 children being adopted into their forever homes.