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Title III/ELD Listserv - May 9, 2016

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Academic Vocabulary for ELLs: A High School Science Teacher’s Struggle

by Matthew Phillips

When I began my career as an eleventh grade physics teacher, supporting English Language Learners was far from my mind. Even though I was teaching in a community where Spanish is spoken in more than one out of every four households, I never considered that my students would need so much additional language support in my science class. My master’s degree in education didn’t prepare me to meet English and math language needs.

I recall one student that had entered the United States from the Dominican Republic during his freshmen year of high school, and was still working his way through our ELL program three years later. He stayed after school for extra help one day and I quickly realized that I needed to improve how I worked with ELLs. After a month of my class, he was only able to work through three or four word problems. He struggled immensely with vocabulary: terms like velocity and acceleration that were familiar to his peers were new and intimidating. Breaking down word problems and matching units such as “meters per second” to variables was a challenging process that needed better accommodations than the ones that I was providing.

Read more here about how Mr. Phillips found success with his English Learners using Instructional Strategies.

Instructional Strategies is available to all teachers in Tulsa Public Schools. Find out more about how you can access Instructional Strategies to support the English Learners in your classroom here and contact your school's ELD Coordinator for more information.

#ELLCHAT Summer Schedule

The #ELLCHAT professional learning network is an active Twitter group to collaborate with and learn from all summer long. Try searching Twitter for #ELLCHAT tweets to find great resources and articles from colleagues around the world.

The weekly #ELLCHAT is a live TwitterChat that happens every Monday night at 8pm CST. Check out the summer #ELLCHAT schedule below and join!

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Perspectives from NABE

Perspectives is an editor reviewed and includes articles especially designed for bilingual educators and provides cutting edge information on exemplary dual language, multicultural and biliteracy programs. It also deals with public policy issues, research developments, best instructional practices, and other valuable information affecting administrators and educators who work with English language learners.

Check out the most recent issue of Perspectives including these articles:

  • Bilingual Education Begins Here: Tutoring and Mentoring to Learn Language, Culture, and Lives, Reynoldo Reyes, Ph.D., Andera Saenz, Francis Chavira, Nancy Chavira, and Alyce Harrell, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Madres de niños sordos, bilingüismo y emergencias en salud pública, Lcda Beatriz Quiñones Vallejo, Zayda Serrano Rivera, y Darma Pacheco Álvarez
  • The Importance of Bilingual Education, A presentation from John King, US Department of Education
  • Chinese Language or Dialect: What's in a Name? Chencen Cai, New York University and Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, New York University
  • The Importance of Culture-Based Education, Judith Caballero, Northern Arizona University
  • Perfil de los estudios sobre la mujer y su relación con el multilingüismo: Análisis bibliométrico, Sarivette Ortiz Sánchez, Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez
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Interactive Writing: RIP Words and Shooting Star Poster

One way to encourage interactive writing is with a technique called “RIP Words and Shooting Stars.” Working together, students agree to put overused words to rest and select more sophisticated words to use instead. Use this poster template for RIP Words and Shooting Stars to get your class to write with expression!

Listen to Dr. Jana Echevarria, SIOP author, explain how to use this strategy and find more about using this resource to support your ELs here.

New DACA Scholarship Phone App

The DREAMer’s Roadmap phone app, a new resource for undocumented, DACAmented and DACA eligible students, was created by a student who experienced the challenges when looking for college scholarships as a undocumented student. In 2015, Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca was one of the receipts of the Voto Latino Innovators Challenge that provided her $100,000 to jumpstart her phone application idea. The DREAMer’s Roadmap phone app went live the week of April 25, 2016 and is available for Androids and Iphones. Please share this resource with college counselors, teachers, students and families. To download the app, please search for DREAMer’s Roadmap in the Google Play Store app or Apple’s App Store.

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Ellevation Summer Opportunity

Ellevation is looking to contract with all-star teachers from several partner districts to join our 2016 Dream Team. If you are an effective educator with experience teaching language through content, please apply!

Our Dream Team Teachers Will:

  • Author language supports aligned to Common Core and State Standards, available to Ellevation’s Instructional Strategies users in the fall.
  • Work remotely and around their own schedule through June and July.
  • Receive a September, you will receive a $2,000 stipend contingent on work completed.

Are you interested in being part of our team this summer? Do you want to extend your professional network while making a positive impact nationwide with thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of English language learners? Complete a 2016 Dream Team application here.

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Summer ELD Professional Learning Opportunities

This summer, the Title III/English Language Development Office will be offering a variety of professional learning opportunities for teachers. All trainings are held at Wilson unless noted. Please sign up in My Learning Plan.

Interested in SIOP? SIOP provides educators with increased capacity to more effectively meet the needs of English Language Learners in content area classes. Culturally relevant materials, strategies, vocabulary features, and unique assessment techniques are presented in a lively and interactive professional learning experience.

· SIOP Review: May 24, 8:30-3:30. Stipends provided for first time participants. Classes are capped at 35.

· SIOP Advanced: May 25, 8:30-3:30. Stipends provided for first time participants. Classes are capped at 35.

· SIOP Make and Take: May 26, 8:30-3:30. Stipends are provided for first time participants. Classes are capped at 35.

· SIOP Institute: July 12-14, 8:30-3:30.

ELD Summer Summit: July 19-20, 8:30-4:15. This is a two-day conference that highlights the best practices for ELLs.

Missed an ELD Department Meeting?

Check out the resources below from ELD Department Meetings this semester:

Upcoming Title III Events

Week of May 9:

May 10, 3:30pm - SIOP Seminar, Elementary (Strategies)

May 10, 4:30pm - SIOP Seminar, Secondary (Strategies)

All sessions are listed for enrollment in MyLearningPlan unless noted.