My Smore Flyer


My favorite journal was the one where you asked, “If you could go anywhere for free where would you go?” My answer to this journal is, I would go to Arkansas to visit my papa, because I miss him very much, because he is like the best grandfather I could have, no offense to my other one. I chose Arkansas to visit for free, because it is quiet, and very fun to go fishing, and see all of the animals living in the wild, unlike here in VA beach. Whenever I go there I always see lots of nice country people and I get to meet all of my papa’s friends and the people that are in his band. Also I get to see my step grandma although I have never met any of her family because they only come down every couple of weekends. I was able to make a real life connection to this prompt, because I have been wanting to go there for a while. It is my favorite, because it is very interesting to me because I like traveling to see my family a lot.

short essay


Yes I would visit the past if I could, but only if I could change it. I would go back in time, and save some of Americas past leaders, that could have kept making our country great. But if the past could not be changed like in a sound of thunder, than I would not go in to the past. Time could be messed up very easily, like the hunters found out when they came back to their time. A different president won the election, and some other key events didn’t happen. All because the hunter killed the butterfly. So going back in time might not be all that great, if you can’t change it, because it’s like watching movie i.e. you can’t change the story line unless you are in the movie. If something bad happened to me I don’t know if I would be a survivor, it depends on the circumstances, and where it happens. My dad doesn’t think I would survive a zombie apocalypse, and that he is more likely to survive longer as a survivor. But if I could find a good hide out before they came to attack me, I think I could survive if I had enough food, because I am fast.

It takes a lot to be a survivor, you have to be strong, smart and follow your instinct if you have a good one. If some gunmen are killing people in the movie theater, don’t run towards the front door, find a back exit or everyone will be killed when they try to leave. If you want to be a survivor in a trying situation, don’t follow the main pack, don’t try to stop the threat, and make good decisions about your next move. Everyone thinks that when something happens like there is a gunman in their house or workplace, they will get away, or be able to stop them. But if something like that really does happen, you have to be smart, and don’t try to be the hero, that is the police’s job. I do not think that if something bad happens, any of the people my age would be survivors, because we are not smart in the outside world, and we would probably just die, unlike that guy that had his arm trapped for 127 hours under a rock, and had to cut his own arm off.

Note to self


Dear Joseph Kirk,

I think I applied myself kind of good this year, but I could have done way better this year if I had done my work and paid attention from the start. I got some good grades, because in history I got a 100 streak on all of the quizzes I ever took, and in English we did projects I did well on, but sometimes I didn’t get a good grade because I didn’t study for a big test. Also I took my world history SOL and I only got a 490 when I knew like everything that he asked me. I am looking forward to finish up the rest of my SOLs and have my summer break. I am happy about doing better this year in school than other years, but I can always improve. I want to thank all of my teachers for a wonderful year full of new information.