Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know many everyday things cause indoor pollution?

What is indoor air pollution and what causes it ?

Indoor pollution is like air pollution from out side but in your home caused by simple things like hair products, pets fur, cleaning products, and even the carpet.

Why should you care?

You should care because being exposed to the polluted air can cause small health issues and even some serious long term ones. Being exposed to air pollution can cause things as small as headaches to things as big and serious as asthma, lung and kidney failure, and could also lead to heart attacks.

We can all join to get ride on air pollution in our homes

What can you do to get ride of air pollution in your home?

To reduce indoor pollution you can regularly clean you pet and vacuum the house in order to get ride of all of the chemicals and dust particles brought from outside. You can reduce the amount of hair products you use. Of course you need to keep cleaning your house and fixing your hair, so go to your local store and try to find products that do not have many chemicals.

Together we can make the world a better place!

By stopping air pollution we will stop global warming.