The Milky Way

By: Chloe Anderson

Our Galaxy

The Milky Way contains our Solar System. Then name "milky" is derived from appearance as a dim glowing band arching across the night sky. Individual stars cant be distinguished by naked eye. The Milk way is a barred spiral galaxy that has a diameter usually that considered to be about 100,000-120,000 light years but may be about 150,000-180,00 light years. The Milky Way is estimated to contain 200-400 billion star or maybe even more.


  • The Milky Way is a galaxy - a huge group of stars, gas, dust, and other matter held together.
  • Milky Way age: 13.2 billion years old
  • Constellation: Sagittarius
  • In China The Milky Way is called " The Sliver River"
  • The Romans called our galaxy the Milk because it reminded them of milk

Pictures of the Milky Way!!