Sammy Davis Jr. Talent

By: Jadyn Vanderpool

Who is Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. was a great musician who loved to sing, dance, act, perform, etc. Everybody loved Sammy Davis Jr. They all were so happy when they got to go watch him do something because they had a good feeling inside them. Sammy Davis Jr. was born on December 8th, 1925 in New York City by a bod-ball superstar and a Portariken star. Sammy Davis Jr. was three when he first went on stage with his dad to perform a song.
Sammy Davis Jr. - Mr. Bojangles

His life

Sammy grew up to be addicted to a lot of things. He grew up when there were a lot of wars and fighting. Sammy was addicted to alcohol, drugs and smoking. He got lung cancer from all these issues and died on May 16th, 1990. He got in a car accident in November 1954 and almost died but lived and his face was shattered really badly and he lost his left eye and now has to wear a eye patch.

Marriage and Children

Sammy Davis Jr. was married three different times. First to Loray White which was from 1958- 1959, second marriage with May Britt (a British actor) from 1960-1968 and had 3 kids named Tracey Davis, Mark Davis, and Jeff Davis which Mark and Jeff were adopted. Third marriage was with Altovise Davis (very dancer) which was from 1970-1990 when he died and they had 1 child together named Manny Davis.

Changed things

Sammy Davis Jr. was not happy with the way people did things so then he decided to change how they did it because he didn't feel like it was right to do that. I wish that he would of changed his own life so that he could of had a happier and long lasting live because right now he would be 90 years old. I wish that he was not addicted to anything because being addicted is not healthy for your body at all. I wish he would of stopped smoking because then he wouldn't have this problem.


Sammy Davis Jr. accomplished a lot of things. He went single from his band and made 2 albums in 1950 and every loved them and he got more popular. He became a man he loved to be, a superstar,a tap dancer, a singer, a movie actor. He was the greatest entertainer that everyone loved and just admired.

Getting Death Threats

Sammy Davis Jr. got the death threats because of him speaking out in front of people about his religion so then he got the death threats which i don't see that okay with because he was just sharing out his feelings about how he has to fight for his rights but Americans don't and how it really it's not fair. I think everyone should have the same amount of rights no matter their religion but that's just me.

A Good Man

Sammy Davis Jr. is a really good man and if he was still alive i would beg my mom to go watch him because he is a really good man. I wish i was alive when he was alive because then I would get to go watch him perform because he was just a really good guy.