Happy Holidays Guatamala!

Guatamala's Christmas article by Baylee Garlett

Traditions of ancient and modern Guatamala!

Every Christmas Eve, families across Guatamala say a family prayer. Then shortly after midnight the presents are opened. The adults; however, exchange their gifts on New Year's Day. Guatamala's acient traditions were not exactly for Christmas. Before the Christian times, the Mayans would hold a festival on December 21, also known as the Winter Solstice. The people would worship the sun and thank it for the light it brings. This ancient tradition is also used today. Lastly, the most common way to celebrate Christmas in Guatamala: each village would have a very large tree in the middle of the village, they would light it up and light up the sky with fireworks. They would also drink El Boj or "White Lightning" made from sugar cane, and sometimes add alcohol, hence the "lightning".

How is it different from the U.S.?

U.S. vs. Guatamala

Similarities: Christmas is about being with family and friends. All Christmas presents are opened on Christmas morning.

Differences: The majority of America does not celebrate the Winter Solstice. America's people wake up late in the morning to open presents.


Guatamala is right in between Mexico and South America! The land is very tropical there! FUN FACT: My relatives, a family of five, are missionaries in Guatamala.
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