By: Daniel Flores

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It’s all up to you

There’s not much room for two

What you choose to pursue

Should be of no other’s concern

Because life isn’t meant to yearn

And there is so much to learn

No matter what others say

It is you who is the center of the play

Although opinions are helpful and can cause us to grow

We are the ones in command over what the future contains

I have confidence in the decisions I make

I believe they will cause me to glow

I won’t be bound by any chains

Even if my decisions cause me to ache

I know I’m to blame

I’m on the pursuit of happiness

Not in an endless race for fame

But I won’t settle for any scrappiness
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At times chasing a high school diploma can seem like a long and frustrating journey. It can feel like you’re bound to the diploma and it just keeps pulling you as it flies farther and farther away.

Like an endless chase that has no end. As I end my final year in high school the feeling of satisfaction is heightened by the fact that I didn’t chose an easy path to walk.

Run and chase your dream

No matter how far it may seem

We all have our place

Even if it seems like an endless chase

Run and chase you dream

One day it will be at an arm’s reach

The past will merely be a memory

The present will be your future
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Everyone deserves the same opportunity, the same treatment. Everyone starts off the same and then from then on it is every individual's choice on what their life become. Even between animals and humans we all have the same life force that causes us to breathe and enjoy the nature that surrounds. The circumstances vary between life but we all have the same end and beginning. In the end we are all the same in the view of the reaper. All culture, race, and even species are ultimately the same. To some it may be just a game but in the end this is as real as life gets.
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Art is the individual expression of every person. It is what that particular person wants it to be. For me art is the capturing of the world around us. Whether it describes a daily event or an outstanding display of courage it is the capturing of life. Taking our 3-D world and placing it into a 2-D surface while still keeping the same elements. Art is a way to portray my vision through the drawings I draw. A skill that appears to have a never ending potential. It’s as if drawing has become a part of me. A part that will follow me through light and dark as long as I am alive. Like a shadow as long as there is light there will be art. A large part of my high schools years included art. It was the only activities in which I participated all four years. Many times I tried to do more than just a symbol on a paper. I tried to add visible emotion and vibrant colors that would give off a feeling when viewed. Out of everything that I experienced in those four years I believe that art was the one that changed me the most.
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Inner Self

What is inside

Who you are

What you are

The characteristics that make you

The life that is you

The happiness within

Seeing the good in the bad

Never being that sad

Taking the experience of everything

And shifting it to the future

Always giving it all

Even when it feels like I'm about to fall

Having trust in me

Knowing what I want to be

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The Future

So far but yet so close

A show for which you pose

What does the future hold?

Cause there is a chance it could be cold

It's not something that can be sold

Technically it does get old

But the spirit does never fold

The future is full of mystery

Even all the way back in history

Dreams is the way to go

To in the end leave them thinking, whoa

Even if you have to start low

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Within my four years of high school I've met a lot of amazing people, especially during my senior year. Whether it's a teacher or a student I believe that everyone played a role in my shaping to the person which I have become. My life would be totally different without all those I have met. Finding the true friends between the almost endless amount of students. Many times these friends help me become a better person because I see it as a competition to see who can become the best. Just a friendly challenge to push the potentials in each other. I grew up with many people around me supporting me. Their support is another reason for which I plan to be the best that I have become. To prove my self as an individual out of the 7 billion other. The four high school years contain more memories than any other years.