Center for Contemplative Mind

in Society

The Center for contemplative mind in society promotes contemplative awareness through the exploration of the mind and the heart in busy a busy society. Using tools such as meditation, yoga and tai chi, these practices bring loving and compassionate approach to life. Examples of contemplative practice include sitting in silence but also many forms of single-minded concentration including meditation, contemplative prayer, mindful walking, focused experiences in nature, yoga and other contemporary physical or artistic practices. Many of these tools are rooted from ancient religions and are filled with insight.
The center for contemplative mind in society is not based out of any one location. We are travelers spreading peace of mind to different university's through the country.

Upcoming Events

Legal Education as Contemplative, Multicultural Inquiry: Lessons from a (Lifelong) Course on Race, Law and Beloved Community

A webinar with Rhonda Magee, Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law
Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET

Free and open to all