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Austria Adventures

Whether it's the mild summers, freezing winters or the OUTSTANDING landscapes, Austria is a beautiful place to travel anytime of the year. There are beautiful places to travel to in Austria, especialy the Vienna City Hall. During Christmas they decorate around it with Christmas lights and it looks astonishing.

Some of the holidays that they celebrate are New Year's Day (1 January), Christmas Day/Boxing Day (25-26 December), and All Saints Day (1 November).

Austrian people love to play sports. The most common sport played in Austria is Soccer. Some other sports that they play are skiing, snowboarding, ski-jumping, etc. (For the winter.)

Austrian's love to cook. they're most favorite meal to cook is Frittatensuppe. All it is, is a special kind of soup for special occasions. Another meal that they like to cook is"Germknödel" (A big dumpling made of dough, filled with plum-jam, served with Vanilla sauce, powdered sugar.)


Austria speaks German so you will need to speak a little bit of German. "Guten Tag" means good day, "Wie Geht's" means how are you? "Wie HeiBe du" means what's your name,"Ich heiBe" means my name is and "Auf Wiedersehn" means goodbye (formal).


Austria has a federal republic government which means that sections of the country are independent. (The sections are mostly states).

Currency/exchange rate: Austria's currency is the Euro and about 1 Euro is equal to $1.35 united states dollars. (USD)

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