Judaism 101

Followers are called Jews

Judaism is a monotheistic religion whose God is called Adonai or God. Their main prophet/common figure is Abraham. Their Holy book is called the Te'Nakh, because it consists of the Torah, Neviposism, and Ketuvim. They believe in the 10 commandments, studying the Torah, and the Prayer Talmud. One of the main sacraments that Jews follow is Kashrut, or only eating kosher foods. This means they cannot eat pork, shellfish, meat prepared with dairy, and many other foods. Kashrut comes from the Hebrew root Kaf-Shin-Reish, meaning proper or correct. Their place of worship is a synagogue and their worship leader is called a Rabbi. There are three different sects of Judaism. They are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed. Their sacred laguage is Hebrew. Hanukkah is a major holiday in Judaism and Hanukkah means dedication in english. Yom Kippur is a very big holiday for the Jews. It is also called the Day of Atonement and it is to fix or say sorry for bad acts. Another big holiday is rosh Hashana which is the Jewish new year. There are two holy sites for all three sects of Judaism. One site is the city of Jerusalem because it is the sacred city of the Prophets. The other site is Canaan because it is their promised land.