United Kingdom

About them. by. Jorge, Mathew, Marco, and Brenda.

The country basics.

Its called the United Kingdom of course ,London is the capital of the country. The white part of the flag means peace. The red part of the flag means bravery. the blue means truth and loyalty.


The UK is surrounded by the France, Nether lands, Ireland. A famous landmark is called Big Ben which is a clock tower, also a Big Bridge that is famous as well and the London Eye. Land forms in the U.K are filled with hills and flatland's. A big body of water next to the U.K is called the North Sea and also Bay of Biscay. The people of The U.K are affected because they have to travel by boat to get to other countries in Europe.


The type of government the queen is Democracy. The King is Jeremy Corbyn. The leaders are chosen by Electives. The roles for the citizens are to pay taxes and follow the rules.


The UK is not a poor country. They use money called pound and the money that they have is $2.569 trillion. The import is $802.1 billion and the export are $480.8 billion. The life expectancy in the UK is 80.54 years and the birth rate is 12.17 and the literacy rate is about 15+.


The UK mostly wears classic clothes and modern clothes and a lot of hats. The UK mostly speaks English like us. One major holiday is when the emperor doesent give out taxes for the citizens. One main region in the U.k is south west. 1 main food is Sunday roast.


The coldest months are December, January and February. The Rainfall is sometimes a lot like it goes to 20-100 higher. mostly July is hottest but January December and February are mostly cold. It affects them by not getting anything or not going outside to get stuff becuase it gets pretty cold for you to freeze to death.


2 things they acomplished is that they build the largest castle in the world but it costed alot of money same thing for the faris wheel they built it was the but it cost alot of money as well its also the biggest faris wheel in the world that they build.

Compare and Comtrats

The UK and USA both wear modern clothing.The UK has kings and queens and the USA has presidents. Both flags has the same color, Red White and Blue.