Life Does'nt Always Go Your Way.

Ashton Lloyd 2nd pierd

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In "Freak the might" Freak and max interact with each other to develop the theme. Freak was described as small,brave,smart,dependable and love to read his dictonary. For eample freak is in a way higher math class than he is supposed to be in. Freak would rather be in his room reading his dictonary or on his computer than being outside and having fun. Max thinks that Freak goes to the doctor every month to fit his new body that he is going to be getting and a year or two. But really he goes to see how his heart is doing but their is one thing Freak didnt tell max that Freak wasnt going to live very long. His heart was to big for his body.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My reaction to the theme was "that a very true theme to do". The theme of the author was developed really good and it appylys to everybody because life does'nt always go your way. This applys in my life because sometime i have football practice and i dont always want to go because im dead tired after school.