Stop Fossil Fuel Usage

Fossil Fuels are harmful to the environment!

Fossil Fuels are hurting the environment.

The burning of Fossil Fuels pollute the Atmosphere and can cause global warming, harmful air to breath and other devastating effects on the environment.



The burning and usage of fossil fuels causes horrible living conditions which leads to little and severe health risks. The gases can get into the water systems causing it to be harmful for humans and animals to drink.

Fossil Fuels aren't cheap.

Others may say that fossil fuels are cheap, which they are right but not in the long run. If we were to stop using fossil fuels and start using other renewable resources, it would cost a little bit more in the beginning but save the U.S and the world so much more in the future. Also we wouldn't run out like the fossil fuels are expected to in less than 250 years.