Anat , the lost lady was found yesterday in Palmas , Brazil.

Anat - a 17 years old lady was found yesterday wandering around in the streets of Palmas , Brazil , her clothes were ripped and she had no food or money. Her brother , Adam was the one who found her , once he got in the police station he said " It probably would never have happened without this special man who helped me".

You may wonder who is this special man , right ? we wondred too , so we asked Adam and he agreed to tell us his story :

Everything started when I arrived to a busy city still looking for Anat , my sister .

. I was looking for an hotel around and found one , i got into my room and put all my stuff and money there. I decided to go out to the city to buy a bar of soap because i forgot mine. After a few minutes i realized i forgot the name of my hotel and his adress , I didnt know what to do so I just went to a nice park around and thinking about any solutions . There was a man sitting right next to me on the bench and I realized that if I want to find my sister i will need some money . I came to the man and talled him my story , I could see in his eyes that he didnt belived me , but I was still full of hope.

after a few minutes I walked away filling disappointed because the man didnt belived me. Suddenly I heard a foot steps noise behind me , I turned around and saw the man from the bench , Mr. Grotsby was his name , he came to me and said he belived me and gave me some money. I got on a texi and told him to drive to the closest hotelin the area , when i got to this hotel I asked the recaption to find my hotel , I described it in front of them and they helped me found my hotel.

I had a lot of money in my hotel room and if I wouldnt find Mr. Grotsby I wouldnt have any money to take a texi from one hotel to another,

I had a lot of money in my hotel room that halped me with my searching after Anat , and look what happened in the end , I founf her!

finally at home!